The true way to render ourselves happy is to love our work and find in it our pleasure.Françoise de Motteville

What is Outlook on Your Career?

Outlook is a niche career service created in 2000. I work with clients from all backgrounds from offices in Melbourne's north-east, or at a location convenient to you around the metropolitan area.

Together, we create an environment in which you can be yourself, so that you can really 'hear yourself think', as you examine your life and career in all their complexities.

Once we give ourselves permission to be who we are, doubts and fears quickly resolve to release energy and enthusiasm for the positive action which will lead to new career possibilities.

The Outlook approach

You will find outcome-focused support and inspiration as you work towards achieving your goals.

What happens?

You will be actively engaged in your career project from the outset as you make the changes and take the actions which will enable you to move forward.

You will learn new skills, and be supported in taking the practical steps to move beyond the aspects of your search that are in the way of your achieving your career and life goals.

You may think, "There are no jobs out there that fit my dreams and skills", "I lack the skills or qualifications to reach where I want to go", or "I really don't know what my next steps should be". Whatever your concerns, they are taken seriously and incorporated into your action plan.

About Susy Herlihy (that's me)

An experienced career professional, I offer a wealth of expertise gained through wide-ranging international people-focused careers, across functions as diverse as coaching, developing capability and leadership, linguistics, and managing projects, across industries which include manufacturing, engineering, education, and government.

I bring passion and unique flair to facilitating pathways through life and career for individuals from every background, leading skills development and empowering strengths. I translate your big picture into practical, achievable steps in a context of personal and organisational dynamics.

I have offered a broad range of career and professional development coaching to individuals and groups for over 14 years. I have worked with clients from industries as diverse as science, manufacturing, jewellery design, academia, engineering, finance, and agriculture. Client organisations include The Coles Group, Hewlett Packard, The Australian Wheat Board, The Municipal Association of Victoria, Melbourne University Melbourne Business School, RMIT, Monash University Graduate School of Management, General Motors, and ANZ Bank.

My professional credentials include postgraduate qualifications in Career Development, and Professional Membership of the Career Development Association of Australia CDAA. I am also accredited in an extensive range of assessment instruments and coaching tools.