To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth.Pearl S Buck


“Working with Susy has changed my life. I was at a standstill after being made redundant from a job I disliked. With Susy's help, I examined my values, my strengths and weaknesses, my areas of passion, and my career objectives. I rediscovered within myself great resources, determination, and passion, as well as resilience and playfulness. Through her professional knowledge, a variety of approaches, her innate ability of understanding, in-depth talks, and her boundless positive energy, I could soon see where to start in order to change for the better. She's been an amazing influence, sounding board, coach, and confidante. She has helped me become more focused and assertive in my career aspirations, and instilled in me the confidence to negotiate a difficult job-market with positivity and optimism - with amazing results. The tremendously positive feedback on my resume, cover letter, and interview skills has been overwhelming. I have moved leaps and bounds further towards my goals, and I couldn't have done that without her help.” Rhiannon, marketing professional.

“I am very excited about my new role. In addition to the large consultancy function, it is allowing me to access my long-dormant artistic skills. It is strange - and encouraging - how at particular moments of crisis in one's life someone like you can be there out of the blue and make such a difference. I do want to express my genuine and wholehearted thanks to you, Susy, for being there for me with such commonsense, sensitivity, and respect, when I really needed someone. I feel there is someone out there who cares. That's a wonderful thing for me.” Jane, consultant.

“Susy, it was a great experience and learning for me on the program. It was made easier for me by your intuition, caring, and above all allowing me to have my process uninterrupted. Your letting me just sit there and listen to you and the group while quietly processing my issues gave me the biggest realisation on any course. You are great, well done, and thankyou.” Gina, academic.

“The answers to life's questions and challenges lie inside me. Susy doesn't give me the answers, but uses her knowledge, skills, humour, and gentleness to help me discover for myslf the answers or the choices I have.” Marg, writer/editor.

“Susy, thankyou so much for your support and inspiration in my 'valleys' over the past months.” Sally, jewellery designer.

“Susy's natural capacity as a counsellor, personal supporter, and teacher was obvious from the beginning. She has the marvelous capacity to give people permission to be who they are. When someone we turn to can give us validation that it is okay to be who we are, then we can get on with solving the challenges of the moment. Susy is a master of this process. She has a comprehensive range of approaches, ranging from the truly empathetic through to a no-nonsense, time-to-get-on-with-it, outcome-oriented approach, with a focus on results. Susy also has the skill and sensitivity to know how best to support each individual in achieving desired outcomes. Susy's skills coupled with a background in professional development, make her ideally suited to guiding job-seekers, not only in developing appropriate skills in securing employment, but also in supporting them through changing counter-productive behavioural habits, and facing the stresses brought on through unemployment.” St John, company director.